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your outfits posted daily
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here's where you can post your daily/weekly/monthly (whatever your wee heart desires) outfits. it's preferred that you post in pictures, but understandable if not.

nice to know:
1) this community is not 100% open membership, so please don't feel bad if rejected. if you are rejected, it's probably just because, other than your application, no particular interest in fashion was conveyed from your user info/journal. don't worry though, the odds are very high that you will be allowed in & if not, still comment!
2) if you do become an accepted member then please remember to post frequently. we want to hear from everyone!
3) please do not promote your own community here unless it is part of an entry that has something to do with this actual community as well. lone community promotions will be deleted. however, still promote dailyfab as much as possible! the more the merrier.
4) & finally, as cliche as this may sound: just be nice & have fun.

xx your mod & dailyfab creator, caitlin bandwitch_

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