BUTTER PECAN (for__vern) wrote in dailyfab,

Saturday afternoon shopping...

Vancouver weather has been amazing so I've been wearing shorts for the past week, and it sure feels good!
Today I went to Bellingham, WA., and this is in a Target fitting room. (I tried on leggings, which I decided not to get. I have too many!) I stepped on gum right as I was standing to take this picture, and they were literally 10 minutes old! Ladies, I sure hope you're smart enough not to spit gum in a fitting room! Oh and those clothes hanging on the left weren't mine *gag*. And WOW - please excuse the facial expression, haha!

Shell earrings: Dollar store/$1
Jacket: Thrift store/$3 (I waited until the 50% day and luckily it was still there!)
White tank-top: Hurley
Cord shorts: Hollister/$10 (Your feedback: too short? I'm 5'1 - short legs need some recognition, too!)
Canvas slip-ons: Lacoste from Finish Line/$75
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