monica (luckymojo) wrote in dailyfab,

two questions

hello ladies.
i'm in the process of saving up money to move out of my parents' house and into an apartment of my own [well with a friend] and have been working and saving up money for a while now.
this whole process is stressing me out and i feel like after i get the initial stress of moving out and settling in down, i want to go shopping, but i don't exactly have a TON of money to be spending.

1.In your opinion [and suited to your lifestyle, personality, and style in general, what are the five essential pieces that you could not live without; the pieces that are staples in your wardrobe? [please, if you can include pictures, places to get them, cheaper versions, etc]. And why?

2. What are a few of the pieces that you have that you consider the "perfect find", or something that you got an AMAZING deal on that you truly love? [again, pictures, etc are welcome].

Thank you so much ladies.
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