христианин (5744779) wrote in dailyfab,

{I read the rules, so I hope this post is still alright}

I have to find this white long sleeved shirt & gold flats.
It's for a costume contest, so I have to come pretty close.
I think the only problem will be the shirt.. gold flats I'm sure I can find.
But if anyone knows of any store I can find the shirt, or if you've seen it anywhere..
I'd really appreciate it.
If possible, I'd like to buy in-store and NOT online.
So stores like express, the limited, macys, etc.
I live in Michigan so we have a lot of stores that other states have as well.
So if you've seen anything, let me know :)
I've been looking, no luck so far.

Best pic of the gold flats, and shot of shirt.

Closer view of shirt

Thanks again!
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